If I build it will they come?

Five years ago I hands down though once I hit the launch button on my business I would be booked and busy. I got over that midset the more my business grew it took me a while but I finally started doing some leg work. To be very honest that mindset came back when rebranding my business two years ago, and ya even a few weeks ago when updating we being real around these parts. So once I realized no one really cares until they do. So all in all I'm saying just because you build it does not mean they will come. Yes, sounds harsh but it's necessary for us as business owners to understand we have to give people a reason to be interested.

Allow me to share with you a system I've created customers and clients will keep coming.

Like I said before let's understand hitting the launch button is not it, in fact, that's when the real work begins. I work with so many clients and half the concern is about gaining clients once going live. I created a simple system I've been following for a few years now. I'm gaining new clients as well as rebooking old recurring clients. Doing this allows me to work my passion full time so let's get to this golden system I've been bragging all about.


Adding in a bit of who you are within your brand helps make you more real. When I started The MaCari K Brand the name was different and I did not show my face. I was struggling with book clients and in my head blamed it on me just starting out. About six months in I changed my business name and started showing more of the brains behind the operation. I suggest showing who you are within your brand trust me it makes a big difference. I started asking some of my OG clients what makes them interested in working with me and I know now it's them seeing me and being able to feel like they can reach out and touch me makes a big difference. So HELLO show them what you working with!


Action is a must if you want people to come! being active to market your business can give you a leg up. A few months ago I evaluated my business and I've not been as active as I could be. I wanted to do more than just push publish on my site and post on Instagram once a day maybe. So I created my Facebook group Pretty In business ( a group to help guide new and growing business owners). I also started posting two to three times a day. No one will know who you are or what you have to offer if you don't do the work to get in front of them. Must do actions you need to consider is following at least 20 people each day, like at least 10 photos, comment somthing that sparks a conversation. Somthing will thrive and grow if we are not willing and looking to grow for our businesses.


I'll be honest with you I was not doing this for a long time. I was just posting and adding hashtags to my post. That's not good enough as a business owner it's not good enough I'm telling you. So I started chatting with my supporters, liking and commenting on photos of the people that like my content. It's only right to show love to the people that are holding you down.


This is all new to me lol I am the kind of person that just can't and does not like change. As a business owner, we don't have that luxury of not liking somthing new. Depending on your business model and client you might be making changes every week. The faster you start liking change the faster your customer and client list will grow so in other words when you build it they will for sure come. I've grown so much, when I started I was stuck on finding photos and posting them. I then started showing more of myself with photos. I then started to try even more new things by creating video content for my brand, yes it's new to me but I had to try. you would be surprised just how much people have been reaching out from doing that step. I know have a bit of ease when it comes to trying somthing new within my business now it's your turn hun.

These are just a few things I've started doing within my business so whenever I do attract new customers and clients it's a fun and easy process. When you push that big fat GO LIVE button it's most important to understand the steps necessary to take to make sure you are seen. Remember the people you are looking to connect with are the people that will keep your business and brand alive. So do the leg work to get eyes on your new and growing business. I've been using these tips within my master social media marketing plan, and By doing these steps I'm able to run my online business models full-time.

I don't have 10k follers yet but yet I'm still able to work full time for The MaCari K Brand. I want you to know yesss hunny you have to just go for it! so when you build it you have a great chance of the people reaching out when you do build and go live.

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