1) Phone Consultation & Vision draft up

We can arrange a time to chat to discuss your needs & requirements before scheduling a date to work on your project. I'll then send you a contract and questionnaire to fill in with details about your business, any current website, and preferences. Fill out the future client form to set up a consultation call to talk about your project. We will then talk via email to outline your web design.


2) The Creation Of  Your Site 

We will then create a draft of what your site will look like, then talk via email and or phone to receive your feedback.This process takes two to three days to create a strong draft of your site for you to review.


3) Feedback & Tweaking  

Once we've completed the first round of designs, we will let you into view and give me feedback on the website so far. We will talk back and forth about your site, this is where you will give your final feedback on all the changes you want to be made to your website. Please allow us three to four days to make all changes to your custom design.If you have chosen our Custom Design Package we will then start adding in all of your content.


4) Website Launch & Handover 

Once your website is ready to launch, we will spend the day before we launch to take a tour of the back-end or your site.You will learn how to manage your site in the future. At this point we will also connect your domain and transfer the ownership of the website to you, ready for you to hit publish as soon as you like!