My Terms & Conditions 

 I'm very excited to work with you on your project!

This is The MaCari K Brand terms and conditions please look over this before you agree to become a client. When you pay your invoice you agree to my terms and conditions housed on this page. 

Your design and or layout will start five days after your first payment allowing me time to send over your client welcome packet. The welcome packet will outline all the content I will need to start the project, you have five days after making payment to send over all necessary documents and files. Any documents or files sent after five days will not be added or used. If you find you have more files and or documents you would like added in it is an additional $30 dollars and prices can change based on the about of files and documents needed to be added.


If in the cased you've made a deposit or payment and you fail to respond after a total of 14 days of making your payment. Your project will be on hold and you will have to make a payment of $50 dollars to resume the project. If you fail to respond after a total of 30 days your project will be on hold and will have to make a payment of $100 dollars to resume your project. Any time after 30 days your project will be removed from my workload and will forfeit your payment. I do not offer refunds because time spent adding your project to my project calendar. 

This only applies to people with any projects that allow payment plans :

If in the case you are unable to make your next pay a late payment of $150 dollars for each day you are late will be added to your next payment ( Designs other than web design). Services will also be on hold until your next payment is made. If you choose for your payments to be split into more than two payments you must make your final payment date or a fee of $200 dollars will be applied ( for web design & web design updated).  


*Please send an email to stating that you agree to all of the terms*