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Bring Together The Visual Soul Of Your Brand.

The MaCari K Brand creates digital products that assist the soul-driven entrepreneur to drop the long-drawn-out design process. While still allowing you to deliver a sultry and quality go live win!

I wholeheartedly stand behind soul-driven entrepreneurs. We want to stand behind you as you develop your sense of purpose, confidence, and joy in your business.

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House Of Honey

House Of Honey is a luxury hair boutique. I worked with Brittany owner of House Of Honey to create a website and branded Instagram . 

Acacia McBride

Acacia is a model and influencer we first created 

a website to house all things Acacia. We also created a professional site for her family non profit organization. 

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Corinthia Jane

 Corinthia Jane is a luxury clothing brand. Focusing on core basic garments. I worked with Corinthia to create a website and branded Instagram.

Regina Louise

 I worked with Regina for personal branding and created a website to house all things Regina Louise. She's been seen on Good Morning America to share her biopic " I Am Somebody's Child " viewed on Lifetime.

Jasmine Michelle

I wokred with Jasmine Michelle to create an inspiring website for women. We created her core brand guidelines and site for her brand.


Made By Jade

Made By Jade is a stunning fitness brand created by Jade .We worked together to create a core logo design and a website to showcase her fitness brand in the best way.