Pay As You Grow

Do you all that is currently going on in the world I wanted to lend a helping hand. So many people are in need of an income right away. I hear to help in the best way I know how!

I want to offer my branding and web design services for all of you who are new to making money online.

The "Pay As You Grow" plan was created with all of you in mind. I will design a custom brand and website. Then you simply pay as you make an income.

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How It Works

My plan is to make things as easy and less expensive for you to bring in as close to a full- time income as possible. So that means you need a very low start-up cost. This is what the "Pay As You Grow" plan is designed for. 


Book your free consultation call and let's chat about your new business model. This is a great chance for us to get to know one another. After our call, you will make a small deposit of 39.99. This will start all the services we will identify and go over your brand guidelines for your brand. Then I will start creating your website for your new business model.

When we are ready to go live you will pay another 39.99 to make your site LIVE! yahhhhh!

The MAcari K Brand will manage your website for your first few orders and or services you receive. Yes girl all you have to do is promote your business and wait until we send notifications to you. 

Please make sure you read over the FAQ's before booking your consultation call. 


Frequently asked questions

What is the total cost of this service?

The total cost of this service will be $300

What all is included?

Pay As You grow offers a ton of diffrent things for new business owners. - Custom brand guidelines - Custom webdesign - Custom basic logo design - Site management until service is fully paid off - Daily Site notifications

How much do I need to pay to start services?

To start your services you will have to make a payment of 39.99. You will then have to pay another 39.99 for your site to go live.

What happends after I pay to make my site go live?

After you pay to make your site go live you will become a contributor to the site. This means you will be able to acess the back end of your site. You can make changes to the design, products and more.

How long will you have access to my site?

I will have full access to your site until you have fully paid off your site. This is also stated in your contract you would sign to start services.

What other payments do I need to keep in mind?

To make your site live you will need a custom domain and plan to remove your host watermark. This usally runs around 20- 40 dollars.We will go over this during our call.

How do I start paying off my site?

This plan is called Pay As You Grow You will simply make a payment to The MaCari K Brand of at the least 10% every time you get a booking or sale. You are free to pay more or pay off your site when ever you can.

How often do I need to make a payment?

You will need to make a payment every month until of your site is fully paid off.

What happends if I miss payments?

In your contract you will read over if in the case you miss a payment. If you miss a total of three payments your site will be deleted completely.