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new and growing business owners

to get my 10K Pretty spreadsheet! This is how I track my 
goals to get to10k IG followers and a 10K monthly income.

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Welcome to the MaCari K Brand! Here you will find services and content to help you create and grow your online business. Hire me for things like logo designs, Webdesign, media flyers and more. So let's get the conversation started book your free consultation call now. I can't wait to chat with you!

entrepreneur and content creator. When I'm not working I spend all the time I can with my husband and two fur babies lol. Our idea of a good time is taking the dogs to the park with a cup of ice coffee in hand lol.


Two years ago I did something big! I started my online design business. I was for sure scared and in some ways had no idea what I was doing. With tons of research, trial, and error I was able to start to bring in a full-time income all online. This was truly life-changing for me! 

I currently have two online businesses under my belt. I enjoy creating for new and growing business owners like you and me.

I'm Kristina MaCari

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Love Thyself Pre-Made Template From The "Forever" Collection


I created my pre-made sites to make it easy for business owners like you and me. Simply buy then add in your content and go live. IT'S THAT EASY!


Corinthia  Jane 

I love working with you! it's so dope!Everything looks beautiful your work is so amazing!

GSM Ministries 

Thank you everything looks great !!!!!! Thank you so much for everything :) Stay blessed and AMAZING!!!!

House Honey Brand

I’m loving it ! I love the colors you picked for the font and other places through out the site. The layout looks great as well. 



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